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6 Best Sex Positions For Pregnancy To Try Tonight

It’s possible, but perhaps not realistic, for couples to completely abstain from sex during pregnancy. Learn why sex is essential during these nine months and discover the best sex positions for pregnancy.

If you’re expecting, there are probably a few questions at the top of your mind, including: “Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy? Will it hurt my baby?”

Here’s the good news: Sex is generally safe during pregnancy, as long as you aren’t facing any complications and have the stamp of approval from your primary care physician or gynecologist.

That said, some of us may have a  — literally and figuratively — big obstacle to getting some physical intimacy in with our partner. So, if you and your partner are expecting a baby, check out the best sex positions while pregnant. At the same time, discover why you shouldn’t skip out on physical intimacy during this time.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this post is not intended as medical advice.


The Importance of Sex During Pregnancy

Couples who were sexually active before conceiving would naturally want to continue getting intimate during these nine months.

Think about it, isn’t it odd and awkward to turn each other down when the both of you are hot, bothered, and consenting? Furthermore, sex during pregnancy is key as it maintains the bond between you and your partner.

Also, the usual psychological benefits of sex still apply.

For one, your body releases endorphins (feel-good hormones) and oxytocin (aka the “love hormone”) when you’re having sex. This helps to relieve stress and improve your mood.

Although you’ll need specific sex positions for pregnancy (more on that later), it’s more or less the only adjustment you and your partner need to make.

That’s not all. There are physiological health benefits specific to pregnant people as well.

A 2021 study shared that pelvic floor muscle contractions lasted longer in women with sex and orgasms. Stronger pelvic muscles were linked to a lower frequency of stress-induced urine leakage in a small-scale study of 66 women.

Suppose you’ve been strengthening your pelvic floor muscles to have more enjoyable sex. In that case, you’re less likely to suffer injuries during childbirth. It also prevents the loss of control over your bladder and bowels. This creates a win-win situation and will benefit you even after giving birth.


The Six Best Sex Positions While Pregnant

For both parties, having sex while pregnant takes some getting used to. It’s the first time your child will get in the way — and it probably won’t be the last either.

Here are six pregnancy-safe sexual positions to get things going with your partner. Heck, some of them are also perfect for couples trying to conceive.


1. Cowgirl/Reverse Cowgirl

cowgirl pregnancy sex position twoplus Fertility

In this classic sex position, the pregnant person will be in charge. What’s great about this pregnancy sex position is that there’ll be almost no pressure on your growing belly.

Although you’ll carry more weight down below, you and your partner can communicate to adjust the pace and rhythm. The one on top can also rest their arms against the wall or headboard for support.

Pro Tip: Try the cowgirl in reverse mode (aka “reverse cowgirl”) to change things up a little!


2. Spooning

This sex position puts minimal pressure on both parties, making it one of the best sex positions for pregnancy.

You can place a pillow between your legs before your partner enters you from behind to make things more comfortable. And because everyone’s hands are free, it’s the best time to spice things up with sex toys, like a clit vibrator from LELO.


3. Doggy Style

If you’ve ever asked, “Is doggy safe during pregnancy?”, the answer is a resounding yes.

To stay comfortable during your sexual shenanigans, you’ll want to place a few pillows beneath you or get down on all fours by the side of the bed. This dramatically relieves or completely removes any pressure on your belly while ensuring you get all the benefits of this position (read: deeply penetrative sex — who can say ‘No’ to that?).


4. Side-by-Side

side-by-side sex position for pregnancy twoplus Fertility

This is a remix of spooning, where you and your partner face each other in a V-shape. It’s a creative twist to the usual missionary position without putting pressure on your belly. Plus, it’s an extra intimate position because you can lock eyes with your lover.

The best part? This side-by-side sex position can be part of your repertoire across all three trimesters because it requires much less energy from both sides (no pun intended!).


5. Against the Wall

If doggy style gets a little stale, switch things up with this pregnancy sex position.

How it works: The pregnant person faces the wall and places their hands or arms against it for support while their partner enters from behind. They can then adjust their body’s angle to their liking to ensure there’s no pressure on the pregnant belly.


6. Mutual Masturbation

Getting intimate doesn’t just mean having sexual intercourse; this also applies to couples who aren’t expecting a baby.

You and your partner can mutually masturbate, even helping each other out or engaging in oral sex should you be in the mood for it. It’s also an excellent time for the pregnant person to find the most comfortable and enjoyable position.


Which Sex Positions Should Be Avoided During Pregnancy?

You can use all the pregnancy sex positions above, even after your little one enters this world.

However, there are several that you should absolutely avoid during pregnancy because they put a lot of pressure on the pregnant person’s belly. It might not be too much of a concern during the first trimester, but your gynecologist would likely tell you to exercise caution during the second and third.

Another rule to follow is to avoid sex positions with you lying on your back for too long, including the missionary position. Lying on your back reduces blood flow to the placenta as it puts pressure on your aorta. This negatively affects the baby’s growth and development in the womb, which is a big no-no.

If you’re unsure about which sex positions to avoid, no matter which trimester you’re in, always consult your gynecologist. They’ll be glad to offer their professional take on how you can continue to get some much-needed physical intimacy with your partner and advise you more on some of the best sex positions for pregnancy.


When Should You Stop Having Sex During Pregnancy?

The uterine’ muscles and amniotic fluid are adequate shields for a developing baby. That’s why having sex from the second trimester onward will generally not cause a miscarriage, contrary to old wives’ tales.

However, certain warning signs that indicate it’s in your - and your baby’s - best interest to stop having sex while pregnant. These include:

  • Abnormal vaginal discharge or unexplained vaginal bleeding
  • Going through preterm labor, as orgasms and semen can increase the rate of uterine contractions
  • If your amniotic sac has burst and your waters have broken
  • If you have placenta previa (when the placenta partially or completely covers the cervical entrance)

Not being able to have sex at all during pregnancy is definitely not ideal because it lasts almost a year.

However, your baby comes first, and you and your partner can engage in other forms of intimacy. Check out these tips for a healthy and safe pregnancy to keep your mind off the bedroom and stay in tip-top shape.


Spice Up Your Sex Life Even When You’re Expecting

pregnant couple lounges intimately on couch while thinking of best sex positions for pregnancy

Couples who have graduated from trying to get pregnant to actually becoming pregnant won’t need to avoid sex for a full nine months.

As showcased above, there are pregnancy sex positions that are easy and enjoyable enough for both parties to pick up. However, do exercise caution and stop having sex when your gynecologist advises you to.

Having sex during pregnancy not only allows you to maintain and strengthen the bond between you and your partner but also boosts your mood and reduces stress. This is a winning combination and part of what you can do to ensure your pregnancy is as healthy as possible.

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Who knows? You and your partner might need the pregnancy sex positions listed above soon enough.

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