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The twoplus Applicator Extra: At-Home Insemination Made Easy

Unassuming as the twoplus Applicator Extra might seem, the answers to your procreative sex woes might lie in it. 

Thanks to technological advancements, assisted reproductive technologies (ART), like in-vitro fertilisation (IVF), are no longer the only options available when trying to get pregnant. In fact, there are now many alternatives that are affordable, minimally invasive, and suited for at-home insemination on your own. Case in point: The twoplus Applicator Extra.

You might ask, “How can this artificial insemination syringe help with my conception efforts? Also, how do I artificially inseminate sperm at home without medical intervention or medication? And how far do I have to insert the syringe into my vagina for it to work?”

Curious? Then read on for the answers to your most pressing questions about the Applicator Extra.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this post is not intended as medical advice.


All About the twoplus Applicator Extra

First, you may wonder if you can actually inject sperm (read: transfer semen) into your body to get pregnant? The answer depends on whether you use an at-home artificial insemination kit like the Applicator Extra.

The twoplus Applicator Extra is a self-insemination syringe for intravaginal insemination (IVI). Without requiring medical help, it deposits semen higher up the vaginal tract.

Even though it doesn’t directly inject sperm into the cervix, this at-home insemination tool helps semen avoid contact with the highly acidic environment of the lower vaginal tract. As a result, more sperm may make it through the cervix and into the uterus, helping to increase the odds of a successful pregnancy.


How Is the Applicator Extra Different From the Applicator Only?

The Applicator Extra and the Applicator Only may look alike from a distance. On closer inspection, you’ll realise they are different: The Applicator Extra comes with the Soft Tip, but the Applicator Only doesn’t.

So, what’s the Soft Tip?

It’s an exclusive accessory that puts the “Extra” in the Applicator Extra, as it reduces immediate semen leakage from the vaginal tract. Bonus: This attachment also increases your comfort level during insertion into the vagina.


What’s in the Box?

Both Applicators come discreetly packaged and shipped to your doorstep within 6-10 working days. In the box, you will find everything you need for a successful at-home IVI: 

  • Applicator Extra (or Applicator Only): It’s a syringe-like tool that easily transfers semen into the vagina and fits comfortably there. 
  • Collection cup: After ejaculation, store semen in the collection cup and use it as soon as possible. Otherwise, the semen can be kept in the cup for up to an hour at room temperature. It has a lid to keep the swimmers safe until it’s time for action between the sheets!
  • Detailed instructions: A handy visual guide with step-by-step instructions on how to use the Applicator Extra or Applicator Only.

How To Perform Intravaginal Insemination at Home With the Applicator Extra

twoplus Applicator pulls semen from collection cup

If you’ve felt intimidated by the Applicator Extra, you don’t have to be! In fact, the concept of the Applicator Extra is similar to that of the Turkey Baster Baby.

The latter is another at-home insemination method. Sperm is deposited right at the cervical opening or near it with a needleless syringe. (For more information, read our post on “Turkey Baster Baby 101.”)

Not to blow our own horn, but the Applicator Extra is a better alternative than the average turkey baster. After all, this self-insemination syringe has been specially designed for at-home insemination. Instead of Googling “How to use a turkey baster for pregnancy,” here are three reasons why you should check out the Applicator Extra:

  • It’s sperm-friendly and its material has been tested for biocompatibility and human sperm survival.
  • Thanks to the 100% platinum-cured, medical-grade silicone, it’s safe for humans.
  • Its Soft Tip reduces immediate semen leakage, while its rounded barrel ensures a comfortable fit within the vagina.

We’ve also created a mini step-by-step guide on how to do home insemination using the Applicator Extra:

  • Step 1: Have your partner or donor ejaculate into the collection cup.
  • Step 2: Dip the Applicator Extra into the collection cup and tilt it at an angle. Next, pull the plunger upwards to transfer the semen from the collection cup into the syringe.
  • Step 3: Lie on your back or get into a sit-up position. Then, insert the Applicator Extra (filled with semen) into the vagina. At least three-quarters of the barrel should be inside the body, but stop whenever strong resistance or discomfort is felt. Push the plunger to release the semen.

And you’re all set!

Use it during your fertile window to get the most out of this at-home insemination kit. Your fertile window is the short period (5-6 days) that your body is at peak fertility. Take note that your fertile window includes ovulation, a one-day event in which the egg is released from the ovary.

Unsure when your fertile window is? Our one-step Ovulation Test Kit can give you the answer within 10 minutes.


Is the Applicator Extra Right for You?

Backed by science and rigorously tested, the Applicator Extra is designed to help anyone trying to conceive do just that, regardless if it’s the first or tenth try. 

The Applicator Extra is ideal if you experience: 

  • Discomfort during penetrative sex: The Applicator Extra possesses smooth edges. With the Soft Tip, it’s approximately 2 cm (centimetres) in width and 10 cm in length. Thanks to its compact shape, think of it as a one-size-fits-all tampon with a plastic applicator for easy insertion.
  • Performance anxiety and ejaculation dysfunctions: By collecting semen instead of engaging in procreative sex, the Applicator Extra bypasses mental and physiological barriers while still getting the deed done.
  • Stress with scheduled sex: Use this self-insemination syringe anytime you want. In this case, you no longer have to stress about scheduling sex within brief pockets of free time.

This self-insemination syringe is also suitable for:

  • Single women or same-sex couples looking to conceive with donor sperm.
  • Couples or individuals who prefer to explore conception options at home before taking the leap of faith and committing to ART.
  • Couples or individuals who are looking for an affordable conception option that’s minimally invasive, too.

*If you experience persistent pain, discomfort, or irritation, please discontinue using the product immediately and consult a doctor.


What Else Do You Need To Know About the twoplus Applicators?

Single-Use Only

The Applicator Extra, the Applicator Only, and the collection cup are strictly for single-use. Reusing them may cause infection while resanitising them may cause a loss of structural integrity to the product. As such, do dispose of them after one use.

Take note that all the Applicators and collection cups are delivered ready for use. There is no need to sterilise or sanitise them before use, as that can compromise the integrity of the product and affect your results.


Ideal for 1 Fertile Window 

Due to the single-use nature of the Applicator Extra and Applicator Only, why not get them in packs of 3 to cover all of your bases throughout your fertile window? As you’ll remember, the fertile window lasts 5-6 days and is inclusive of ovulation.

With a 3-pack of either Applicator, you can self-inseminate every other day during this short period for the best chance of getting pregnant. What’s not to love?


Expiry Date

The shelf life of the Applicators is around two years from the date of manufacture. For your safety, please do not use expired Applicators.


Self-Inseminate in the Comfort of Your Own Home

twoplus Applicator Extra 1-pack

Affordable, accessible, and intimate, the Applicator Extra is the home insemination syringe you’ll want to try. It’s ideal for people trying to conceive but facing challenges on their conception journey or who want to speed up the process. 

Most importantly, the Applicator Extra also alleviates some of the stress surrounding procreative sex for those who find it painful or struggle with performance anxiety in the bedroom. 

But don’t just take our word for it; read real-life pregnancy success stories from our customers who tried this at-home insemination syringe!

Try The twoplus Applicator Extra


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