Trying for a baby? Hear it from those who got pregnant with twoplus!

Behind every pregnancy success story is a twoplus customer who got pregnant with our products. If you’re embarking on your own journey to parenthood, these early pregnancy stories are for you. 

couple with erectile dysfunction pregnant with twoplus

The twoplus Applicator Turned Infertility Around For This Couple With Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Sasha* and her partner struggled to conceive as they battle erectile dysfunction, a common male infertility issue. Learn how twoplus saved the day with the Applicator.

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wheelchair bound couple got pregnant with twoplus

The Applicator Extra Helped a Paraplegic Fulfill His Parenthood Dream

Breanna* and her wheelchair-bound husband finally fulfilled their dreams of becoming parents when they used the twoplus Applicator Extra, a self-insemination sperm syringe.

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delayed ejaculation got pregnant without ivf

Despite Delayed Ejaculation, This Couple Got Pregnant Without IVF

Elena* and her husband show it’s possible to get pregnant without IVF, if you’re dealing with delayed ejaculation — thanks to the twoplus Applicator Extra!

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