best sex positions for couples trying to conceive

9 Best Sex Positions For Couples Trying To Conceive

Working hard is one thing, but you’ve got to work smart too. Check out these 9 sex positions that will put you and your partner in the best position to conceive.

The mind’s ability to perceive is a funny thing. For instance, many people wouldn’t readily agree to bungee jumping because of how scary they believe it to be. There are a good number of folks who feel otherwise too, thinking that it’s exhilarating instead, with no fear-factor whatsoever.

On a personal level, our perceptions regarding things like household chores change too, depending on our mood and other factors. You and your partner have probably felt that way about sex after deciding to try for a child. There are definitely occasions where you’ve felt like it’s a chore that needs to be completed, rather than an activity to be enjoyed.

Trying to conceive doesn’t have to be all work and no play, though. Remember, the aim for baby making sex is simply for semen to get as close as possible to the opening of the cervix. This just means that deeper penetration is required. Could you really say no to boosting your chances of conceiving while getting more satisfaction out of the process?

If your answer is a resounding ‘no’, then you’ve come to the right article. Check out the following 9 sex positions that are said to boost chances of conception. You might be intimately familiar with some of these, while others will be worthy additions to the night’s setlist.


1. Missionary

You can’t go wrong with this tried-and-tested position. It’s even named appropriately, given the mission that you and your partner are on. Gravity is working in your favour here, helping semen flow more easily into the vaginal tract. Additionally, ladies can use pillows to adjust the angle of their lower body and make the overall experience more comfortable.


2. Doggy Style

Another common position and one that you’re probably familiar with. It’s less physically taxing for men as they don’t have to constantly avoid putting too much pressure on their partner’s body by controlling their core and triceps. Angle your partner’s body downwards to ensure maximum semen retention and optimal semen flow after the deed is done.


3. Rear Entry

It’ll be tough for ladies to reject this position because of how comfortable it is. All she needs to do is lie flat on her stomach and position a pillow below her for maximum comfort. The man then enters from behind, akin to doggy style. Deeper penetration is guaranteed, with a study in 2011 even using an MRI machine to prove it [1]. 


4. Glowing Triangle

glowing triangle sex position when trying to conceive

This is a variation on the missionary position that will literally bring you and your partner closer together. The lady will wrap her legs around her partner’s hips or waist while he is on all fours with legs extended out. This helps achieve even deeper penetration than the standard missionary position and hopefully, leave both of you glowing once all’s said and done.


5. Spooning

Sadly, the male is not allowed to get in touch with his feminine side and play the role of the small spoon here. There’s deep penetration for sure because both bodies are stuck together while rubbing up against each other, but you’ll need to time your ejaculation. And if there’s a large height difference between both parties, get comfortable before getting down and dirty.


6. Magic Mountain

magic mountain sex position when trying to conceive

This isn’t that amusement park ride, although it’s just as enjoyable, if not more so. The ‘mountain’ here would be a sizable stack of cushions or pillows on the bed or floor. The lady then lies over it face first while her partner enters her from behind. It’s similar to doggy style and rear entry, but even more comfortable due to the soft ‘mountain’ that she lies on.


7. Legs On Shoulders

The humble missionary position gets yet another variation. If you’ve seen the meme where Christian Bale is flexing his biceps in American Psycho, you’d know how to get into this position. Otherwise, have your partner hook her legs on your shoulders while in the missionary position. Voila, you have achieved Legs On Shoulders!


8. The Kneeling Fox

kneeling fox sex position when trying to conceive

It’s time for another variation on the doggy style position. For the male, you just need to get on both knees. The lady will then position herself in front of him while on her knees and arms. This is less strenuous than doggy style while maintaining the same depth of penetration, but be wary of numbness in your feet and legs after a while.


9. You and your partner’s favourite position

It goes without saying that you and your partner are intimately familiar with each other’s intimates, but having sex on schedule can still be a bit awkward. When all else fails, you can always rely on your favourite position. The depth of penetration doesn’t really matter here, as long as the both of you get going. You can always change your sex position after all.


Are there any sex positions that I should avoid?

Naturally, sex positions that don’t involve the penis penetrating the vagina must be avoided, such as 69. Recall that your goal is to deposit semen as close as possible to the cervix’s opening. Additionally, avoid sex positions that are too physically demanding for either party. This kills the mood and may result in the male not being able to maintain his erection.

If you and your partner are in the mood to experiment, ensure that the both of you have the energy levels to match. You know what they say about the willing mind and weak flesh. Similarly, avoid sex positions that are confusing for either party. Fussing over an extensive set of instructions while in your birthday suit doesn’t exactly make for a party.

If you and your partner would like to be extra careful, avoid positions where gravity works against you. This includes the cowgirl position and its reverse variant, having sex while standing, and more. Fortunately, sperm are strong, with studies showing that they can be found at the fallopian tubes within 15 minutes of being deposited at the cervix [2].

That said, if you’re looking to have a child as soon as possible, it’s alright to do anything (within reason) to maximise your chances of conceiving. If you’re concerned about semen retention, give the twoplus Sperm Guide a shot. A fertility products for men and women, this device helps retain sperm in the vaginal tract after sex, allowing more to reach the egg and boosting the chances of fertilisation. 


What else can I do to boost my chances of conceiving?

In a nutshell, both you and your partner will benefit from staying physically and mentally healthy. Maintaining an optimal weight range helps ensure that you stay fertile and does wonders for your confidence too. You and your partner can work together to achieve this through a combination of exercise and watching what you eat.

Speaking about your diet, you might want to consider supplementing your meals with Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10). This is an antioxidant that benefits women greatly but is only found naturally in low concentrations. Studies have discovered that CoQ10 supplementation protects the ovarian reserve [3].

Men should consider taking CoQ10 supplement too, because this enzyme has a beneficial effect on sperm motility [4]. One quick and convenient source would be twoplus’ CoQ10 With Vitamin B1 Fertility Support. Each capsule is packed with vitamin B1 and 100mg of CoQ10. There’s also the added benefit of saving some space in the pantry, since both you and your partner will be taking the same supplement.

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Lastly, both parties will benefit from keeping alcohol consumption to a minimum and cutting out tobacco use altogether. With regards to the latter, smoking negatively impacts the fertility of men and women [5]. To be precise, women experience an accelerated loss in reproductive function and possibly early menopause (by 1 to 4 years).

For men who smoke, sperm function does decrease but the exact dosage that causes a significant impact is yet to be determined. In any case, stubbing out for good does wonders for your overall health, along with your fertility.


In closing

The top sex positions that boost the chances of conceiving all share two common traits. They ensure that penetration is as deep as possible and minimise semen leakage because of how the lady is positioned. Yes, the jury is still out on whether sex positions have a significant impact on conceiving, but why not play it safe.

However, playing it safe in this case doesn’t mean the proceedings have to be a bore. Remember, it’s all about perception. There are more than a handful of positions that you and your partner can experiment with until you succeed. And since the aim here is to achieve the deepest of penetrations, you’ll be sure to hear nothing but squeals of delight.

Combine these titillating sex positions with bodies and minds that are in tip-top shape and you have yourself a winning conception formula. The final ingredient left is a pinch of time and patience. Enjoy the process with your partner and think of baby making sex as an intimate activity to look forward to whenever it’s scheduled.


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