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Christmas Gift Ideas 2022: 5 Thoughtful Gifts for Someone Trying To Get Pregnant

Giving gifts to someone you know who's trying to get pregnant can be challenging, especially when the world abounds with joy at Christmas.

For the most part, what can you gift someone trying to conceive (TTC)? And an even trickier question: What do you send a friend who is struggling with fertility? Should you opt for a safe but boring option like fuzzy socks? Or is there a list of TTC-approved presents to shower on the recipient? 

To help you out a little, we've created said list to make gift-giving a 'lil easier this Christmas. Because each person's conception journey is unique in their own way, we've rounded up five options, so there's something for everyone.

PS. If you're trying for a baby, you may want to bookmark this list and share it with your family and friends. Chances are, some of the things on your Christmas wishlist are covered below. Keep reading to find out more!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this post is not intended as medical advice.


5 Christmas Gifts the One Trying To Conceive Will Fall in Love With

No matter which Christmas present you go with, our gift guide is designed to uplift your loved ones. Our curated gift options aim to provide encouragement and reduce the stress that often plagues the conception journey.


1. IVF Care Package

Knowing someone who's currently going through IVF (in vitro fertilisation)? Then, an IVF care package will make the perfect Christmas gift for them this festive season.

The beauty of this gift option is that you have options! You can choose already pre-packed IVF care packages like MyVitro's Essential IVF Support Kit. Or check out DIY (do-it-yourself) options on Etsy. For the latter, you'll want to include the following in your "Trying To Conceive" gift basket:

  • A cute pill organiser: Your friend has probably lamented about the 101 medications they have to take orally while undergoing IVF. Make it easier on them with this cute pill organiser to compartmentalise the IVF drugs they need to take daily. This way, they are less likely to miss out on a dose!
  • A customised drawstring bag: Besides oral meds, there are also injections, bandages, and other essential supplies that come with IVF. To keep everything easily accessible in one place, include a drawstring bag. Tip: Customise the bag with a motivational quote like, "Every miracle takes a little time." for that personalised touch.
  • Hot/cold packs: Anyone going through IVF is no stranger to the bruises and soreness, no thanks to the multiple injections. Get them hot/cold packs that do wonders for soothing discomfort in the affected area.
  • A warm shawl: Somehow, waiting rooms at the clinic or hospital are almost always geared towards sub-zero temperatures. That's where a warm shawl comes in handy to keep your loved one cosy while waiting for their IVF appointments.
  • Fertility-friendly essential oils: The conception journey via IVF can be fraught with negative emotions like stress, worry, and anxiety. Aromatherapy with fertility-friendly essential oils may be one way to manage your emotional health. For example, a 2021 small-scale study found that lavender essential oil lowered anxiety in women undergoing IUI.

Of course, you can include just about anything as long as it's what your friend or family member would love and, obviously, fit your budget! Hopefully, this list will give you an idea of what they are looking for in their IVF care box. 

Pro Tip: This Christmas gift idea can be reused for any kind of artificial insemination process, be it IVF, IUI (intrauterine insemination), or IVI (intravaginal insemination). Just remember to tailor your care package to their unique needs and wants!


2. Non-Toxic Scented Candles

Scented candles are a great way to set the scene when trying to conceive — date night at home, anyone? Or simply to unwind and bring the stress levels down, which is essential on anyone's TTC journey.

To make your gift suitable for someone trying to get pregnant, go for non-toxic scented candles like Nurtured 9's Sea Salt + Citrus Non-Toxic Candle. You'll want to pick candles made of natural materials like:

  • Beeswax 
  • Soy wax 
  • Cotton 
  • Low-smoke wick 
  • Non-toxic fragrances and essential oils
  • Wild herbs like lavender and thyme 

Ensure that the candles you've chosen are also free of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) that can affect one’s fertility levels. To safeguard your giftee’s fertility health when trying for a baby, avoid candles made with:

  • Artificial colours
  • Artificial fragrances
  • Additives or dyes
  • Paraffin 

The best part? This gift won't hurt your wallet but will still positively impact your TTC friend.


3. twoplus Gift Card for the Applicator Extra and Sperm Guide

twoplus Gift Card design

Like many others who are TTC, you're probably wondering, "What do I need to get pregnant for Christmas?" Well, at-home insemination kits and conception aids like the twoplus Applicator Extra and the Sperm Guide, respectively, will probably be the top spot on your list for Santa (or the one funding your Christmas gifts).

As the name suggests, these kits allow you to self-inseminate in the comfort of your home with more intimacy without a medical audience. For this festive season, check out the twoplus Gift Card so your recipient of choice can choose any of the following to help them improve their odds of conception: 

The Applicator Extra

Introducing the twoplus Applicator Extra, a self-insemination syringe. It allows you to easily deposit ejaculated sperm in your vagina with only one hand. For social proof, it's helped lots of twoplus customers get pregnant, as you can see from the reviews

The secret to its success? It's two-fold: 

  1. Reduces immediate semen leakage out of the vaginal tract so that every drop counts in your conception efforts. Bonus: You don't need to lift your legs up in the air after self-insemination, saving you from an unwanted workout!
  2. Directly deposits sperm in the right spot, aka as close to the cervix as possible. This helps sperm bypass the acidic environment of the lower vaginal tract, where they usually don't survive.

The Applicator Extra is ideal for those who:

  • Prefer to avoid the stress of scheduled sex for conception
  • Struggle with discomfort or performance anxiety during penetrative sex
  • Work with ejaculated sperm from a partner or donor

The Sperm Guide 

Sex for conception can be sex for pleasure with the twoplus Sperm Guide. Made of 100% medical-grade silicone, the Sperm Guide acts as a barrier to protect sperm from the naturally acidic environment of the lower vaginal tract.

On top of that, the flap of the Sperm Guide automatically bounces back when the penis is removed from the vagina after ejaculation. This forms a makeshift 'cup' that stops the backflow of semen out of the vaginal tract. This means that the Sperm Guide retains sperm closer to the cervix and minimises semen leakage post-sex. In other words, your chances of conception just got a major boost.

So who is the Sperm Guide suitable for? Couples who prefers to conceive by doing the deed. This makes the conception aid the perfect fertility gift for someone trying to get pregnant the old-fashioned way. (Psst, you may want to check out our tips on how to spice your sex life!)

For more information, see our guide on the twoplus Fertility Sperm Guide.


4. Prenatal Vitamins

woman's fingers hold twoplus CoQ10 gummy

Prenatal vitamins are another thoughtful gift idea for the one trying to conceive. After all, healthcare experts strongly suggest taking prenatal vitamins before you start a family. In fact, specific prenatal supplements like folic acid are recommended by medical professionals to be taken as early as three months before you're pregnant.

If someone you know is shopping around for prenatal vitamins, why not introduce them to the twoplus CoQ10 gummies? CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10) is a fat-soluble antioxidant that may support healthy egg quality and sperm motility when trying to get pregnant. Each of our gummies is packed with the following:

  • 100 mg (milligrams) of CoQ10,
  • 300 mcg (micrograms) of vitamin B12, and
  • 100 mg of goji berry extract

Best of all, our CoQ10 Gummies are non-GMO (genetically modified organisms)!

Pro Tip: Not sure which prenatal vitamins your friend needs? Don't worry. The twoplus Gift Card will take the gifting stress off you while ensuring they get their heart's desire this Christmas.


5. A Listening Ear

Sometimes, the best gifts in life don't have any monetary value. Instead, quality time spent together may mean the most to someone struggling to get pregnant.

For that reason, lend a listening ear to your loved one. Perhaps they need to rant and get it off their chest. Or maybe they prefer to talk about anything other than conception to get their minds off for a while. Let them lead in the conversation and assure them you'll always be there.

Pro Tip: Remember that you are not here to judge or give advice, no matter how well-intentioned. Instead, sit and listen to what they say, offering reassurances — or none if that's what they want.


Factors To Consider When Gifting Someone Who’s Struggling To Conceive

Gifting someone trying for a child can be a delicate matter, especially if your giftee has been striving to get pregnant for some time now. In such cases, what can you do for a close friend or family member struggling with infertility?

Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when gifting:

  • Be aware of how they feel and gift accordingly: Is your TTC friend or family member stressed, worried, or down in the dumps? If possible, personalise your gift according to their emotional health. For example, a non-toxic scented candle can double as aromatherapy to help soothe negative emotions
  • Be mindful of lifestyle restrictions: There are usually some lifestyle restrictions when TTC, like going organic or avoiding alcohol. When in doubt, check in with your gift recipient for their unique preferences to ensure you're on the right track with your Christmas gift.


’Tis the Season To Spread Joy and Hope

No matter the length of time that you or your giftee has been TTC-ing, our gift guide will likely give you a headstart on what to fill your Christmas stockings this year. From at-home insemination kits to prenatal vitamins, take advantage of the festive season to spread joy and hope among those looking to get pregnant.

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