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Guide To At-Home Artificial Insemination Kits

Artificial insemination kits are low cost and allow women to conceive without penetrative sex. Here’s what you need to know.

Conception can come with its own set of difficulties, including struggling with fertility and having the need to actively try for a baby. 

For some, there could be other problems that surface, such as finding the baby-making dance to become more of a chore, rather than sex like it was before — simply for pleasure. For others, being in specific situations can also make traditional sexual intercourse to conceive difficult, such as being in an LGBTQQIP2SAA relationship or if you have sexual dysfunction. 

In some of these circumstances, you might start to consider using artificial insemination kits to help you try and conceive.

But first, what is artificial insemination?

Artificial insemination refers to insemination without sexual intercourse. This typically involves using a needleless syringe to directly deposit semen near the cervix. It is also at times referred to as at-home insemination. 

In this article, we’ll touch on what at-home artificial insemination kits are, how they can support your trying to conceive (TTC) efforts, as well as how much they cost. 


Introduction to at-home artificial insemination kits 

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Much like how sperms are deposited during sexual intercourse, using an artificial insemination kit allows you to deposit semen the same way, but with a syringe. This helps to guide the sperms to the egg for fertilisation.

And like its name suggests, you can use artificial insemination kits from the comfort of your home, without having to visit a clinic, or a hospital. 

Unlike conception procedures like In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), artificial insemination is not deemed a fertility treatment.

So, how does one use an at-home artificial insemination kit?

A typical artificial insemination kit consists of the following items [1]:

  • Specially designed syringe without a needle — to deposit the semen in to the vagina
  • Semen sample collection cup — to collect the semen sample 

Semen is ejaculated into a sample collection cup, before being sucked into the syringe, to be deposited directly into the woman’s vagina. It is also recommended that the woman avoids moving for the next half hour [1].

To help reduce the risk of infection, wash your hands with soap before carrying out the procedure and ensure that the syringe does not touch other items before use. 


Who should use at-home artificial insemination kits?

At-home artificial insemination kits are great for couples that have difficulties having sex, be it because of discomfort, pain, sexual dysfuction or ejaculation issues. It can also be an option if you are TTC, but are just simply not in the mood for sex. 

It can also be a go-to option for LGBTQQIP2SAA couples that use donor sperm, as well as women who want to be single mothers [2]. 


Benefits of using artificial insemination kits

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While there are a handful of ways to try and conceive, here are the key perks of using artificial insemination kits.  

  • Low cost: Unlike fertility treatments like IUI and IVF that incur higher cost (in the hundreds and thousands respectively), using artificial insemination kits help you to avoid large medical bills, as they cost just about the price of cab ride — with the twoplus Applicator costing S$35 for one.  
  • Comfort and privacy: This process of artificial insemination is done entirely from the confines of your own home, or wherever you find comfortable.
  • No intercourse required: For couples that find sexual intercourse painful or uncomfortable, or if you’re simply not in the mood for sex. This also makes it an option to consider for women who want to be single mothers, as well as LGBTQQIP2SAA couples.


Cost of at-home artificial insemination kits and where to buy them

At-home artificial insemination kits are far more affordable than fertility procedures such as IUI and IVF.

You can do-it-yourself (DIY) with the necessary products purchased off the shelf. Alternatively, you could also ask your doctor if they provide such kits, or purchase artificial insemination kits online to be delivered to your home. 

The twoplus Applicator is one such home insemination kit that allows you to direct-deposit sperm where it matters, helping more sperm to reach the egg and increase chances of conception. Priced at S$35 and each Applicator kit comes with:

  • One vaginal applicator with rounded edges to fit comfortably.
  • One semen collection cup. 
  • One set of instructions in English to guide you along the process. 

This kit is safe for home use, hygienic, comes with free shipping and discreet packaging to boot! 

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Success and failure rates of using artificial insemination kits

At-home artificial insemination can result in a pregnancy, with the success rate similar to that of sexual intercourse. 

However, it’s also important to note that other factors could affect the success rate, such as how the semen was handled after being ejaculated, as sperm can deteriorate when not kept at an optimal temperature [2]. 

Other insemination methods could be more effective, with Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) being about 3 times more likely to lead to a pregnancy [3]. Procedures like In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) also make sure you have eggs ready to be fertilised before the conception procedure, to increase the chances of success [4]. 

Your success and failure rate would also depend on you and your partner’s fertility. 

To check your fertility levels, consider a hormone test. Online hormone test kits like twoplus Fertility’s, give you a detailed report of your reproductive health after it has been analysed by a licensed medical practitioner. 

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Tips to increase chances of conception

Here are 3 quick tips to help you increase the chances of conception, particularly when using artificial insemination kits.. 

#1 Carry out the process when you ovulate

You should aim to use the artificial insemination kit on the day of your Luteinising Hormone (LH) surge, or the day after, to increase your chances of conception. This is because a rise in LH triggers the start of ovulation — indicating the most fertile period for females [5]. 

To check your ovulation date, you can use an ovulation test kit that gives you quick results in less than 10 minutes. This kit predicts your ovulation status by measuring the LH levels in your body.

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#2 Stay in bed after the deed

intimacy in bed with twoplus Applicator Extra sperm syringe

Just like having sex with the aim of conception, take some time after carrying out the artificial insemination procedure to lie in bed and relax for a good 15 to 30 minutes [6]. 

#3 Reduce stress as much as possible 

Be it through mind-blowing orgasm, exercising or doing some retail therapy, try to reduce your stress levels as it can affect your chances of pregnancy [7].  

If you’re looking to purchase an at-home artificial insemination kit, the twoplus Applicator is one to consider at S$35, with discreet shipping provided. Alternatively, you can also purchase a bundle of 3 Applicators for S$78. 

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