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TTC Couple Conceives With Their First Use of The twoplus Applicator

After being happily married for a few years, Alice* and her husband decided it was time to start their family and have a baby. However, after nearly 3 months spent trying to conceive (TTC), pregnancy was proving to be elusive.

Then, a chance Instagram advertisement led Alice to the twoplus Applicator, and she decided to give the home insemination kit a go. And good thing they did, because the couple became pregnant on the first try! Here’s their story. 

*Names have been changed. 


Q: Hello Alice! Congratulations on your pregnancy. Tell us a bit about yourself, and how long you have been TTC. 

A: Hi, I’m Alice, 32, and I work in Human Resources. I’ve been married for a few years and my husband and I decided it’s time to have a baby. 

We tried getting pregnant for around 2 to 3 months, but didn’t manage to conceive initially. 

Q: What were the fertility challenges you encountered? How did you try to improve your outcomes?

A: It was our first time trying for a baby, and we had been TTC for a few months. 

Prior to the twoplus Applicator, we didn’t try any fertility aids, just conventional sex, and keeping my legs up afterwards. I also tried to eat healthier and track my ovulation more diligently.

Because it had only been a short while, the thought of seeing a fertility specialist didn’t really cross our minds.

Anyway, we got pregnant soon after using the twoplus Applicator, so I’d say we don’t have any major fertility issues — fingers crossed!

Q: Yes, tell us about that! How did you hear about twoplus Fertility and what made you decide to try the twoplus Applicator?

A: I came across an Instagram advertisement, and decided to Google the brand.

I learnt about the conception device on the website, and how it works and instructions for use were clear and easy to understand. There were also many good reviews and success stories about the product. Thus, we decided to purchase the twoplus Applicator and give it a try. 

Q: How was your experience with the twoplus Applicator?

A: Good! It was really easy to use, the instructions were clear, and I had experienced no pain or discomfort when using the at-home insemination syringe.

There was no trouble at all using the product. We used it just one time, and got pregnant afterwards. 

Q: That’s awesome! What would you say to readers thinking of trying the twoplus Applicator? Any advice for their pregnancy journey?

A: I absolutely recommend it! It’s a really simple and fuss-free manner to improve your odds of getting pregnant. I’ll also say it’s helpful to pay attention to your ovulation cycle, so you can use the twoplus Applicator during your fertile window for the greatest results.


We’ve designed our twoplus Applicator to help couples achieve natural conception at home, without invasive needles, doctor’s visits, or the monotony of scheduled sex. Just fill up the syringe with semen, lie back, and insert to deposit sperm higher up the vaginal tract. It’s really that simple!

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