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From Sceptical To Pregnant, Thanks To The twoplus Applicator

Just like fingerprints, everyone’s pregnancy journey differs.

After trying to conceive (TTC) for 2 years, Wendy and her husband tried the twoplus Applicator, a home insemination kit, and became pregnant after their first attempt. This is the story of their successful pregnancy journey.

Q: Hello! Could you tell us more about yourself, your partner and your fertility journey so far?

A: My name is Wendy. My husband and I are in our 30s, we have been married for 5 years and have been TTC for the last 2 years. To increase our chances of conception, we tried tracking my ovulation cycle with a mobile application to time our procreative sex, but that sadly did little to help.

We didn’t see a need to visit a fertility specialist or make drastic changes to our lifestyle because my husband believes that, “If God blesses us with a child, we are meant to be parents. If God doesn’t, then it isn’t in our cards.” Hence, fertility treatments like IVF or any other medical procedures were not something we considered.

Q: What made you decide to try the twoplus Fertility Applicator?

A: I was surfing Facebook one day and saw an advertisement for the twoplus Applicator. Curious, I hit the ‘learn more’ button, started conducting my own research and discussed the possibility of trying it out with my husband.

For someone who has been quite sceptical about conception tools, he was surprisingly receptive to the twoplus Fertility Applicator and we wasted no time in putting in our order. To be honest, I think that one of my biggest push factors was my husband’s willingness to try it out with me.

Q: How was the process like for you? Did you face any discomfort while using the twplus Fertility Applicator?

A: As the conception tool came with detailed instructions, it didn’t take long for us to figure it out and it even turned things up a notch for us! Perhaps because there was an element of freshness in terms of ‘a new toy to try’ in the bedroom, my husband and I were more aroused than normal. Hence, his sperm sample was easier to obtain and the twoplus Fertility Applicator glided right in without any discomfort.

Q: What do you like most about the twoplus Fertility Applicator?

A: I love its convenience. Procreative sex can be tiresome, and it didn’t help that my ovulation cycle always seemed to coincide with my husband’s busiest office period — so the twoplus Fertility Applicator was really a godsend for us.

Q: After getting pregnant after 1 try, would you recommend the twoplus Fertility Applicator to your friends or other couples trying to conceive naturally?

A: Absolutely! I’ve actually encouraged my boss and some friends who were also facing difficulty conceiving to give the twoplus Fertility Applicator a try. A few of them have since told me that they are now pregnant thanks to it.

I really think that this is a great conception tool that couples TTC should consider before visiting a gynaecologist for fertility treatments like IVF, which is more invasive and expensive.

If you’ve been TTC for some time, why not give the affordable twoplus Fertility Applicator a try?* This single-use conception tool is specifically designed with medical professionals for at-home use and to maximise semen transfer. Hit the button below to learn more about why this could be the right conception tool for you. 

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*twoplus Note: It would be good to consider visiting a fertility specialist if you and your partner are under 35 and have been unsuccessful after TTC for a year, or over 35 and have been unsuccessful after TTC for 6 months. 

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