conceive above 40 without ivf using twoplus Applicator

Told Unlikely To Get Pregnant Without IVF, They Conceived With the Applicator

When trying to conceive (TTC) above 35 years old, you’re often told that the odds of pregnancy aren’t in your favor due to age-related fertility issues like a dwindling egg reserve. 

For Kelly, 41, and her husband, 33, this was exactly what she faced in her own conception journey. The London-based couple had been together for half a decade and wanted children of their own. 

Unfortunately, fertility doctors told them they would unlikely get pregnant without IVF (in-vitro fertilization). Even with IVF, their likelihood of a successful pregnancy was pretty low at around 12%, as Kelly was in her early 40s. Not to mention, these artificial insemination treatments are costly and highly invasive. 

Instead of giving up on their dream of parenthood, Kelly and her partner tried the twoplus Applicator — and got pregnant on their first try! Keep reading to learn more about this self-insemination syringe that has helped many couples conceive. 

Disclaimer: The information provided in this post is not intended as medical advice. 


Kelly Shares How the twoplus Applicator Miraculously Helped Her To Conceive 

Interview responses were edited for clarity. 

Q: Hi, Kelly! Tell us a bit about yourself! How old are you and your husband? Where do you live in the U.K., and what do you both work as? 

A: Hello, I’m 41 and my partner is 33. We have a pet African Pygmy hedgehog and are excited to start a family as we have been together for just over 5 years.  We live in London and are trained Engineers.

woman older than 40 got pregnant with twoplus Applicator

Q: Congratulations on getting pregnant with the twoplus Applicator! Is this your first successful pregnancy? 

A: Yes, this is our first pregnancy. It is still very early days so I don’t want to jinx anything. We have only told three people so far. Once we reach 10 weeks and have a scan, we will announce our good news.


Q: Why did you start trying for a baby? How long have you been trying to conceive (TTC)? 

A: We actually had only just started TTC – I became pregnant after the first time using the twoplus Applicator.

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Q: What were the top 3 questions you had early on in your conception journey? 

A: I wanted to know, realistically, if this would work for us.


Q: Were you diagnosed with any medical conditions relating to fertility by a licensed healthcare professional, and what tests did you do?

A: We have been discussing a family for a while, but received news last year that my partner had abnormal morphology following a semen analysis. At the same time, I took a blood test and my hormone levels came back at the lower end of normal for my age. However, we were concerned about my egg reserve

This year, we both had more fertility tests. My partner had another semen analysis, and the level of abnormal morphology had decreased. I had a blood test and a transvaginal ultrasound. 

Unfortunately, the doctors told us I had a low follicle count (3 on one side and 4 on the other). We were told that it was unlikely we would get pregnant without IVF

We were seeking fertility advice and were leaning towards trying IVF. Given the low success rates for my age group (around 12%), we decided to try twoplus first before starting IVF as it is very expensive and invasive. 

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Q: What else have you tried in your conception journey before using twoplus? 

A: Nothing.

Q: How often did you use the twoplus Applicator before you got pregnant? 

A: Just the once! I fell pregnant on our first try. We used it at the end of August, two days before my ovulation date.

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Q: Was the Applicator easy to use? Was it uncomfortable after inserting, and did you have any trouble using the fertility tool?

A: It was very easy to use, and not uncomfortable at all. I was a little worried about using the item but the instructions were very easy to follow.

Q: Did you adopt any lifestyle changes to improve your odds of conceiving?

A: My partner and I both take vitamins and have been trying to eat more healthily and exercise more.  


Q: Would you recommend the twoplus Applicator to other people who may have difficulties with natural conception?

A: Yes – absolutely. It was so easy to use.


Q: If you could go back to the beginning of your conception journey, what would you have done differently? Also, what would you suggest to other couples who are trying to get pregnant?

A: We started taking preconception vitamins a while ago, but I definitely would have started to take folic acid earlier as well. 


It’s Possible To Still Conceive in Your 40s Without IVF 

For some, it would seem that conceiving in your 40s without IVF is a miracle. But Kelly proved that it’s indeed possible with the twoplus Applicator, an easy-to-use at-home insemination kit. 

twoplus Applicator Extra original sperm applicator

This sperm syringe works well with donated or ejaculated semen, so you can use it for self-insemination. In other words, penetrative sex is no longer required for you to get pregnant. 

The Applicator is specially designed to help you work toward pregnancy success: 

  • Rounded barrel: Ensures >90% of semen flows from the syringe to your vagina. 
  • Slim like a tampon: Fits all body shapes and sizes comfortably. 
  • Ringed plunger: For single-hand usage — no medical help needed! 

Are you ready to be the main character in your pregnancy success story like Kelly? Try the Applicator today. 

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