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twoplus Pregnancy Test Kit: How It Works, Accuracy And More

The twoplus Pregnancy Test Kit provides clear and accurate results in as short as 3 minutes. Read on to learn more about pregnancy tests, when you should take it, and more.

A pregnancy test kit is a commonly used device that can detect the onset of pregnancy. Provided it is used correctly, a pregnancy test kit is highly accurate — such tests have an accuracy rate of around 99% [1]. 

Pregnancy test kits are affordable and easy to use, whether at a clinic or in the comfort of your own home. With clear results that become available within minutes, they are a fast and reliable way to determine if pregnancy has occurred.

Read on for everything you need to know about pregnancy test kits, how they work, how to use one, and what you should look out for. 


How does a pregnancy test kit work?

When a sperm fertilises an egg, the resulting embryo attaches to the uterine wall. This triggers the body to release a specific pregnancy hormone called human Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG), the level of which begins to rise rapidly, reaching a peak around the end of the first trimester (about 10 weeks into pregnancy) [2, 3].

Specifically, hCG is released by the cells surrounding the developing embryo — these cells will eventually go on to form the placenta that protects the foetus in the womb [3]. 

Since a rise in hCG levels indicate that fertilisation has occurred, that is what we want to check for in a pregnancy test. Accordingly, a pregnancy test kit works by detecting the presence of hCG in your blood or urine [4]. 

Generally speaking, hCG levels of above 25 mIU/mL are considered positive for pregnancy. If this has been reached or exceeded, the pregnancy test kit will correspondingly display a positive result [5]. 


What types of pregnancy tests are available?

Pregnancy tests that aim to detect hCG levels in the body are commonly available in two forms — via a blood test, or a urine test. 

Let’s take a closer look at each of these methods.

Urine pregnancy test 

A urine pregnancy test looks for hCG in your urine to confirm whether pregnancy has taken place [6]. 

This is a simple test; all you have to do is to urinate on the end of a pregnancy test kit. Within minutes, the results will be shown in an indicator window on the device. Having said that, the speed at which this happens varies according to different manufacturers and brands. 

Urine pregnancy tests are [6]: 

  • Affordable and does not require a prescription
  • Highly accurate, with around 99% accuracy
  • Widely available, whether in pharmacies or online
  • Suitable for quickly ascertaining pregnancy at home or at the doctor’s
  • Convenient to use with easy to read results

Of course, a urine pregnancy test should be used correctly in order to get accurate results. See further down in the article for some important tips when using a pregnancy test kit on your own. 


Pregnancy blood test 

Alternatively, confirmation of pregnancy can also be achieved via a blood test. This is because hGC can also be detected and measured in the blood [5]. 

In this pregnancy testing method, a small sample of blood is taken and sent to a lab for analysis. This means that a pregnancy blood test will typically require a doctor’s appointment. Also, results will take a longer time to be made known. Typically, up to a few days, depending on the lab.

Because it is a more complicated process, a pregnancy blood test will be much more costly than using a pregnancy test kit. 

However, a blood test is more sensitive, and is able to detect very small amounts of hCG, which can provide useful data under certain circumstances. 

For instance, your doctor may order a hCG blood test to determine if the pregnancy is progressing normally, and extremely elevated levels of the hormone might indicate that you are carrying twins [6]. 


Helpful tips on using the twoplus Pregnancy Test Kit

While there are 2 ways to test for pregnancy, all things being equal, the accuracy of both methods are comparable [6] .There is no need to favour a blood test under normal circumstances, given the extra costs and hassle involved.

Our twoplus Pregnancy Test Kit (by Point of Care) (S$5.90, £3.40 per kit, also available in 4- and 6-pack) offers an accurate, fuss-free and easy pregnancy urine test you can take in the privacy and convenience of your own home. 

Here are some helpful tips for an optimal experience.


When should you use twoplus Pregnancy Test Kit [7]

For the most accurate results, we recommend using the twoplus Pregnancy Test Kit up to 5 days before your period is expected to begin, or 9 days after the onset of ovulation.

While a common practice is to use a test kit the day after you have missed your period, this may be too early as the body may not have built up sufficient levels of hCG at that point.


How to use twoplus Pregnancy Test Kit [7]

  1. Take out the test kit from its packaging, and remove the rubber cap that covers the test kit’s absorbent end.
  2. Urinate directly on the absorbent end for at least 10 seconds. Be careful not to get any urine on the results window.
  3. Replace the rubber cap, and lay the test kit on a flat surface. The results window should be facing upwards.
  4. Your results should appear within 3 to 5 minutes.* 
  5. You should see a clear line appearing under the letter “T”, if the test is positive. Refer to the following graphic to interpret your results.

*Note: Evaporation lines may appear on the test kit after a prolonged period. Results from the test kit should not be accepted after more than 10 minutes have passed.

Source: twoplus Fertility

Avoiding inaccurate or false results [2, 7, 8]

Our twoplus Pregnancy Test Kit is highly sensitive, with the ability to detect concentrations of hCG in the urine as low as 10mlU/ml, allowing the kit to indicate pregnancy as early as 5 days before your period is due. 

However, there may be instances where the accuracy of the device may be affected, such due to incorrect usage, or the consumption of certain medications. 

Be sure to note the following when using the twoplus Pregnancy Test Kit:

  • Don’t miss the results of your test! Set a timer for 3 to 5 minutes after urinating on the test kit for an accurate reading.
  • Check the expiry date on the test kit before use.
  • The best time to take your test is first thing in the morning, when your urine is likely to be most concentrated. 
  • Frequent urination, consuming too much water or medication such as antihistamines or diuretics can all affect the concentration of your urine, which may lead to false negatives.
  • If you prefer to dip the test kit instead of peeing directly on it, be sure to do so immediately after collecting the sample. Do not use urine that has been left standing.
  • Don’t be afraid to perform a second test. If your pregnancy test turns out negative, but you have reason to believe you may be pregnant, do a second test within a week to double check. 
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You got a positive test result. Now what? 

If you received a clear positive test result on your twoplus Pregnancy Test Kit, congratulations, you’re pregnant! 

The first thing you should do is to make an appointment to see your primary healthcare provider or an OB-GYN, who will professionally evaluate and confirm your pregnancy [7]. They will also guide you on the next steps in your pregnancy journey. 

It is also a good idea to start paying attention to your health so as to support the healthy progression of your pregnancy. 

Eat a healthy diet, supplement with high-quality prenatal vitamins with folic acid, stop unhealthy habits such as smoking or alcohol use, limit caffeine intake and manage your stress [6]. 


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