ttc at 41 with unicornuate uterus successfully pregnant

TTC at 41: After IVF and ICI, Anna Got Pregnant With twoplus Applicator Extra Despite Unicornuate Uterus

A resilient couple from Sheffield has finally fulfilled their dream of starting their own family, overcoming the challenges posed by Anna’s unicornuate uterus and one working ovary. Unicornuate uterus is a congenital anomaly where there is only one fallopian tube and a smaller than usual uterus. It is associated with complications during pregnancy and may result in pelvic pain, thus making it more difficult to conceive.

Determined to start their own family, Anna and her partner decided to undergo two rounds of IVF (with ICI), which were costly and highly invasive. This ended up in a miscarriage. Having exhausted funds, the couple explored other affordable options, found the twoplus Applicator Extra, and got pregnant on their first cycle, making a significant milestone in their path to parenthood!

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Anna Shares How the twoplus Applicator Extra Helped Her To Conceive 

Interview responses were edited for clarity. 

Q: Hi, Anna! Tell us a bit about yourself! How old are you and your partner, where do you live in the U.K., and what do you both work as? 

A: We were late starters to the fertility world. I am 41 years old, and my partner is 38 years old. We live and work in Sheffield. I’m a coach at a local university, and my partner is a project manager. 


Q: You mentioned your fertility conditions (One working ovary and a unicornuate uterus). Would you be comfortable sharing how you found out about your fertility conditions and how it made TTC more challenging? 

A: I found out about my fertility conditions after getting the coil fitted, which led to a lot of pain. An internal scan showed only one ovary was connected to my uterus, and I only had half a uterus (unicornuate uterus). 

This would make pregnancy hard but not impossible due to the higher incidents of miscarriage and preterm birth associated with this condition and lower conception rates. One of the biggest hurdles was not knowing when I would ovulate from the connected ovary. 


Q: We understand that you’ve been TTC for three years and have tried IVF and ICI. What else have you tried in your TTC journey before using twoplus Fertility? How often did you use the Applicator Extra before you got pregnant?

A: We went through two rounds of IVF (one with ICI), but it ended in miscarriage. After exhausting our funds, I started looking at other cost-effective options. I had managed to get pregnant naturally once, which also led to a miscarriage, but this showed my body knew what to do, and it just needed some help. We used the Applicator Extra in one ovulation cycle and got pregnant. We used it the day before, during, and after ovulation. 


Q: What led you to purchase the twoplus Applicator Extra?

A: I ran out of surgical options and needed to find something easy to use and more cost-effective, and twoplus seemed a great choice. 


Q: Was the Applicator Extra easy to use? Was it uncomfortable after inserting, and did you have any trouble using the fertility tool?

A: The Applicator Extra was extremely easy to use and comfortable during insertion. My partner helped me use it the first time when putting on the Soft Tip for the Applicator. I left it in for up to 1 hour each time.


Q: Did you adopt any lifestyle changes to improve your odds of conceiving?

A:  I started taking Vitamin D and Folic Acid. I have always exercised and eaten healthily, and I am sure this has helped in improving my odds of conception.

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Q: Would you recommend the twoplus Applicator to other people who may have difficulties with natural conception?

A: Absolutely. I was told with my fertility conditions and age, I would only have a 9% chance of conceiving naturally, and we conceived with twoplus after using it for one cycle. 

I just want more people to use the twoplus option before spending thousands on IVF. Sometimes, your body just needs a helping hand and not invasive surgical procedures.   


Q: What would you have done differently if you could return to the beginning of your TTC journey? Also, what would you suggest to other couples who are TTC?

A:  I would have tried twoplus first. I think it would have saved me a lot of stress, recovery time, and money. 


It's Possible To Still Conceive in Your 40s Without IVF

Despite's Anna's fertility conditions, her determination and strength have been extremely inspiring. With the help of the Applicator Extra, it helped her to start her journey towards parenthood in just one cycle, despite undergoing IVF and ICI. Consistently using the sperm syringe near or during their fertile period also helped them achieve pregnancy success sooner than expected. 

As an easy-to-use intravaginal insemination (IVI) kit, the Applicator Extra helps couples take charge of their fertility journey. Its unique Soft Tip accessory reduces immediate semen leakage and ensures comfort during home insemination, making it ideal for TTC folks who struggle with discomfort or pain during penetrative sex.

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