Couple Overcomes Erectile Dysfunction, Achieves Pregnancy in 3 Attempts with twoplus Applicator Extra!

Couple Overcomes Erectile Dysfunction, Achieves Pregnancy in 3 Attempts with twoplus Applicator Extra!

Like countless couples, Kimberly* and her partner faced challenges in conceiving a baby. Dealing with the complexities of mild erectile dysfunction and a lengthier menstrual cycle, their journey to conception presented its share of obstacles. Fortunately, the twoplus applicator helped support this couple’s path to a successful pregnancy.

Keep reading to find out how this easy-to-use sperm syringe helped them achieve pregnancy success and welcome the arrival of their new baby ❤️ 

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is not intended as medical advice.

*Name was changed to protect privacy.

Kimberly Shares How The twoplus Applicator Catalysed Her TTC Journey

Interview responses were edited for clarity. 

Q: Hi, Kimberly! Tell us a bit about yourself! How old are you and your partner, and what do you both work as? 

A: I’m 35 this year, and my partner is 32. I work as a trainer, and my partner is an accountant.


Q: Congratulations on getting pregnant with the twoplus Applicator Extra! Is this your first successful pregnancy? 

A: Yes.


Q: Why did you start trying for a baby? How long have you been trying to conceive (TTC)? 

A: Part of our plan is for us to settle our marriage house and for me to get pregnant by age 35. We have tried since September 2023.


Q: What were the top 3 questions you had early on in your conception journey? 

A: Too tired to have plenty of sexual activity, especially with two full-time working adults. 

I'm not sure if there was anything wrong with our bodies or if a checkup was required.


Q: Could you share more about your fertility struggles as a couple before the pregnancy? 

A: I have a long menstrual cycle of more than 35 days, so it also meant I had lesser chances of conceiving in a year. My partner has some mild erectile dysfunction, especially when under stress.

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Q: Were you diagnosed with any medical conditions relating to fertility by a licensed healthcare professional, and what tests did you do?

A: No, we did not go for any tests prior.


Q: How did you first find out about twoplus Fertility? E.g., Google, Instagram, recommendations from friends or family. 

A: Chanced upon it via Instagram ads.


Q: What else have you tried in your conception journey before using twoplus? 

A: Besides usual sexual activity, twoplus was the first equipment we tried.


Q: You’ve bought the twoplus Applicator Extra several times. What motivated you and your partner to consistently use this self-insemination sperm syringe in more than one cycle?  

A: The convenience, especially when both are tired.


Q: How often did you use the Applicator Extra before you got pregnant? 

A: It was much easier as we tracked ovulation. Used it three times during the month I got pregnant.

*The twoplus Note: If you need personalized help in tracking your ovulation, try the twoplus Ovulation Pro Read — an expert-guided ovulation tracking service 😉


Q: Was the Applicator Extra easy to use? Was it uncomfortable after inserting, and did you have any trouble using the fertility tool?

A: It was very simple. Nothing complicated and no uncomfortable feeling.


Q: Did you adopt any lifestyle changes to improve your odds of conceiving?

A: Nothing drastic. Took folic acid.

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Q: Would you recommend the twoplus Applicator Extra to other people who may have difficulties with natural conception?

A: Definitely!


Q: What would you have done differently if you could return to the beginning of your conception journey? Also, what would you suggest to other couples trying to get pregnant?

A:  Perhaps start using twoplus earlier haha.


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Embarking on the path to parenthood can pose unique challenges for many couples. Kimberly’s endorsement of the twoplus Applicator highlights its effectiveness in overcoming obstacles during the conception journey. If you’re navigating similar challenges, consider exploring the twoplus Applicator as a reliable and convenient option to enhance your chances of successful pregnancy.

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