Celena and her husband with their newborn baby

TTC Couple Finds Success With a Little Guide(ance)

After nearly 10 months of trying to conceive (TTC), costly and invasive in-vitro fertilisation (IVF) seemed on the cards for Celena and her husband. But upon discovering the twoplus Fertility Sperm Guide, the couple successfully became pregnant within 3 uses of the at-home conception device.

When it became clear in 2021 that borders would undergo protracted closure as a result of COVID-19, many of us turned our attention towards home and family matters. For property agent Celena, 34, and her husband, 36, an analyst at a software company, that meant embarking on their long-cherished goal of having a child.

The couple is now excitedly awaiting the birth of their firstborn, an event made all the more sweeter in light of the unexpectedly rocky road they had to navigate on their journey towards starting a family. 

Celena tells us about the issues and challenges they faced, the pressure that can arise when pregnancy doesn't seem to be happening, and why she thinks there should be more awareness of intermediary solutions.


Off to a not-so-smooth start 

As they entered their third year of marriage, Celena and her husband decided it was time to have a baby. They were in their mid-30s, and the optimal window for pregnancy was slowly closing. Besides, pandemic border closures meant leisure travel was out of the question for the time being. So the pair of avid travellers decided, why not start their family?

Being young, healthy and with no medical issues, Celena didn’t think too much of it when they didn’t initially get pregnant. However, as weeks and months went by without success, they realised that becoming pregnant wasn’t quite so easy.

“It was quite an emotional journey,” Celena recalled. “You think it’s going to happen, and you expect a certain outcome. But when it doesn’t happen, you get disappointed.”

“What, then, can I try to do better next month?”, she questioned.

Celena and her husband went for a battery of tests to rule out any underlying health issues. Their results were fairly average, not great, but not terrible either. However, they were surprised to learn that other TTC couples have their fertility health checked at an earlier age than they did.


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As there was nothing wrong with them, the advice given was simply to keep on trying. “If we still didn’t succeed in getting pregnant after a year, then it was time for something more extreme,” she said, explaining that it meant they would probably have to consider assisted reproductive technology such as in-vitro fertilisation (IVF). 

Frustrated and emotionally overwhelmed 

Celena and her husband decided to take a more proactive approach. They started using ovulation kits to help track her cycle and determine the optimal days for procreative sex. The couple also worked to improve their lifestyles, reducing distractions, projects and stress — all inescapable hallmarks of our modern, urbanised lives.


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“Women these days tend to focus on their careers first, and only start considering family planning in their late-30s. I saw some of my friends struggle tremendously with getting pregnant,” said Celena. This made her even more determined to have a child sooner rather than later. 

Despite the couple’s clear-eyed determination, they were stymied by a lack of knowledge, options and help. Celena tried to Google as much information as she could, but soon found it frustrating and emotionally overwhelming.

“You just have to try things out without knowing if they will work. Things like ovulation kits, supplements, you don’t know if it will really help you, there are no testimonials and little to no context. Simply put, you’re just blindly spending money hoping that it will help,” Celena said, pointing out that TTC couples have to spend time, money and effort to monitor all the things they may try. 

Their experience from medical practitioners were, on the other hand, too blinkered. “The doctor was very mechanical, just interpreting our test results, which is just a snapshot of what’s going on at that point in time. They could not advise on specific lifestyle changes or tools you can use to improve your chances of getting pregnant,” she said.

Celena felt that most medical practitioners hold a very traditional view, and are focused on offering procedures such as intrauterine insemination (IUI) and IVF. “As a result, many TTC couples may feel like this is fate, and they have to transit to IUI and IVF as the only options,” she lamented.

“There are many steps you can take before you get there, but you may not be informed of the available choices,” she points out. Celena is speaking from experience here, but we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves.


Efforts bear fruit…with a little guide(ance)

In an effort to educate herself on how to boost her fertility outcomes, Celena started following several social media channels and influencers. One of them happened to be Roxanne Gan (a twoplus Fertility influencer) who had shared on Instagram her fertility struggles and how easy the Sperm Guide was to use.

Intrigued, Celena decided to investigate further. “I had no knowledge that twoplus existed!” she said. “I didn’t even know there was actually a DIY fertility product for men and women that you can use in the comfort of your own home.”

After seeing Roxanne’s post, Celena went straight to the twoplus Fertility website to check out the products on offer. Immediately, she felt drawn to the Sperm Guide — a device worn by the female during procreative sex that helps retain sperm, prevent leakage and guide sperm towards the cervical entrance — as it was affordably priced and didn’t seem difficult to use. 

“When I saw the Sperm Guide, it was quite small and didn’t look very threatening. I explained the concept to my husband and how it would work, and it wasn’t too difficult to convince him to try it out,” she said. 

Celena and her hubby decided to give the device a try, and found success! The couple has since given birth to a healthy baby after using the twoplus Fertility Sperm Guide thrice.

Describing her experience as a ‘fun discovery’, Celena was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable the Sperm Guide felt. “There was a bit of apprehension when we used it for the first time. You’re aware that there’s something down there, but it didn’t affect the (sex) experience tremendously.” 

Because Celena found the Sperm Guide safe, easy to use and more importantly effective, she felt she had to let her TTC friends know about it. “They too have never heard about DIY conception devices, much less twoplus Fertility and their range of products.”

Thrilled with how quickly and effectively the Sperm Guide helped her get pregnant, Celena even bought 3 more Sperm Guides to send to a TTC couple living overseas in the hopes that they will work for them too.


More options for TTC couples

When things don’t go as expected, it can be a source of worry and stress. More so when it involves something as natural, important and laden with meaning as having a child.

TTC couples like Celena and her husband needed as many easy-to-use and affordable options as they could get. However, a lack of knowledge and awareness of DIY conception devices and solutions outside of those traditionally emphasised by medical practitioners can leave TTC couples feeling frustrated and constrained.

With twoplus Fertility, Celena and others like her are empowered with a greater number of options, tools and products — all backed by science — to aid them on their TTC journey.

“If I hadn’t found twoplus, what would I have done? Hmm, I’d probably still be propping up my hips and lying in bed for 45 minutes after sex,” she mused. “That’s just a waste of precious time because it didn't work at all!”


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