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SO-IUI Failed, But twoplus Applicator Helped Them Conceive Again

After SO-IUI Failed, twoplus Applicator Helped Them Conceive Again 

When C. Poh came across the twoplus Applicator on Instagram, it seemed like the ideal fertility aid to try. The couple had been trying to conceive (TTC) with 2 rounds of Superovulation and Intrauterine Insemination treatments (SO-IUI), but did not achieve full-term pregnancy.

However, things are looking up. After using the twoplus Applicator, a home insemination kit, the couple are now pregnant again! Here’s the story of their journey so far. 

Q: Hello! Tell us a bit about you and your TTC journey.

A: I’m C. Poh, 32, and I work as a Human Resources Executive. My husband and I have been TTC for over a year. 

We conceived after our second round of SO-IUI, but it ended at 4 months. I experienced a biochemical pregnancy after that, and we are now on our third pregnancy.

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Q: Could you share with us what were some of the fertility challenges you were facing? How did you overcome or manage them?

A: My husband and I went for a fertility checkup when we first started TTC. That was when I found out that I had endometriosis and a polyp growth, and had to undergo laparoscopy.

Given the fertility challenges we faced, we turned to SO-IUI to increase our chances of pregnancy. I had also been using ovulation predictor kits during this time to increase our chances of conception.

Additionally, I have been using TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) for about a year, with weekly acupuncture sessions on top of consuming Chinese medications daily. 

I also added folic acid supplements to my diet. 

Q: How did you hear about twoplus Fertility and what made you decide to try our Applicator? 

A: I was browsing Instagram when I came across twoplus Fertility. 

I was curious about the Applicator as I wanted a break after going through 2 rounds of SO-IUI treatments.* 

Since the Applicator is much less invasive, simpler, more affordable and could be self-administered at home, we decided to give it a go.

(*twoplus note: In this fertility treatment, multiple injections are required to stimulate egg maturation and ovulation. Additionally, sperm would also need to be directly injected into the uterus to fertilise the egg [1].) 

Q: How was your experience with the twoplus Applicator?

A: It was really easy to use; there was no discomfort at all! 

We used it 4 times during my ovulation window, and successfully got pregnant again.

Q: What would you say to readers thinking of trying the twoplus Applicator? Any advice for their pregnancy journey?

A: I recommend the product! Don’t doubt, just try it and see the results for yourself. If you don’t try, you’ll never know!

Also, I would like to give a quick shout-out to the twoplus Fertility Customer Service team. After hearing that I was ovulating and didn’t want to miss my window, they expedited my order with same-day delivery. Thanks so much!

We’ve designed our twoplus Applicator to help couples achieve natural conception at home, without invasive needles, doctor’s visits, or the monotony of scheduled sex. Just fill up the Applicator with semen, lie back, and insert to deposit sperm higher up the vaginal tract. It’s really that simple!

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