pregnant with twoplus Sperm Guide in 1 cycle

Pregnant With the twoplus Sperm Guide After Using It 4 Times in 1 Cycle

Practice makes perfect — or in this case, helped Valerie*, 36, and her husband, 42, conceive after 7 months of trying when they consistently used the twoplus Sperm Guide during her fertile period. 

Previously, Valerie had tried tracking her ovulation and timing procreative sex during her fertile window but didn’t have any success. The fact that her partner experienced low sperm count only added to their conception challenge. 

But adding the Sperm Guide to their bedroom activities led to a different outcome as they are now expecting a baby. Read on to find out how often Valerie used the Sperm Guide to get the positive pregnancy test result she was looking for all this while. 

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is not intended as medical advice.

*Name was changed to protect privacy. 

Valerie Shares Her Good News With the twoplus Team  

Interview responses were edited for clarity. 

Q: Hi, Valerie! Tell us a bit about yourself! How old are you and your partner? What do you both work as? 

A: I am 36 and my husband is 42. We work in public administration. 


conceived with twoplus Sperm Guide home conception aid

Q: Congratulations on getting pregnant with the twoplus Sperm Guide & CoQ10 with Vitamin B1! Is this your first successful pregnancy? 

A: Yes. 

Q: How long have you been trying to conceive (TTC)? 

A: It was 7 months.

Q: What were the top 3 challenges you faced in your conception journey? 

A: Despite trying to conceive during my ovulation period, there was no success. We tried timing it with ovulation kits as well but without success. 

Low sperm count was also another possible challenge that made it difficult. 

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Q: Were you diagnosed with any medical conditions relating to fertility by a licensed healthcare professional, and what tests did you do?

A: No. 

Q: What else have you tried in your conception journey before using twoplus? 

A: Ovulation kits

Q: Upon receiving the Sperm Guide and CoQ10 with vitamin B1, exactly when did you start using them?

A: Started using it in my next ovulation cycle.

Q: How often did you use the twoplus Sperm Guide (in each ovulation cycle) and CoQ10 with vitamin B1 before you got pregnant? How many cycles did you use both products for?

A: We used the Sperm Guide about 3-4 times — almost every day — for 1 cycle and conceived! 

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Q: Was the Sperm Guide easy to use? Was it uncomfortable after inserting, and did you have any trouble using the fertility tool?

A: The instructional video was very helpful! It gave us a good understanding of how it works and we were convinced that it’s a logical move. It wasn’t uncomfortable. 

Q: Did you adopt any lifestyle changes to improve your odds of conceiving?

A: No. 

Q: Would you recommend the twoplus Sperm Guide and CoQ10 with vitamin B1 to other people who may have difficulties with natural conception?

A: Yes I do! In fact, I have recommended 2 couples to try out Sperm Guide. 

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Q: If you could go back to the beginning of your conception journey, what would you have done differently? Also, what would you suggest to other couples who are trying to get pregnant?

A: I would have tried the Sperm Guide earlier! Try using some help since there is no harm trying! 


Give Yourself a Leg Up on Your Own Conception Journey  

twoplus Sperm Guide at-home conception aid

If you would like some extra help to reach your own conception goals, try the Sperm Guide, an at-home conception aid for couples who prefer intimacy during babymaking. 

This fertility tool helps reduce semen leakage post-sex so that more sperm reaches the egg. Its unique curved silhouette also allows semen to be deposited closer to the cervix, improving contact between the sperm and cervical mucus. 

Last but not least, the Sperm Guide is made of medical-grade silicone, making it extremely soft and bendable to fit all body shapes. 

And as Valerie highlighted in her own success story, consistency is key when using the Sperm Guide. If you’re trying for more than 1 cycle, get the Sperm Guide 3-Cycles to cover all your conception bases. 

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