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This Couple Was About To Start IVF When They Got Pregnant With twoplus’ Applicator

For many couples who have difficulty trying to conceive (TTC), their first thought is to seek out IVF (in-vitro fertilization). This is a form of assisted reproductive technology (ART), in which a medical professional fuses a sperm with an egg in the lab.

But you’ve probably heard that IVF can be hard on your wallet — in Singapore, the expenses range from S$10,000-$20,000, depending on whether it’s subsidized or not.

Meanwhile, in the U.K., the average cost is about £13,730. For those living in America, the ballpark figure isn’t that far off at around US$15,000-$20,000.

Despite investing so much money, IVF doesn’t always guarantee a successful pregnancy.

That’s why Elizabeth* and her partner decided to explore at-home insemination kits like the twoplus Applicator Only before committing to IVF. After 1.5 years of negative pregnancy test results, they got pregnant on their first try with the Applicator! 

Keep scrolling to read Elizabeth’s pregnancy success story with twoplus.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is not intended as medical advice. 

*Name was changed to protect privacy.

Elizabeth Shares Her Vote of Confidence in twoplus Fertility When TTC 

Interview responses were edited for clarity. 


Q: Hi, Elizabeth! How did you find out about twoplus Fertility?

A:  I had seen some success stories of IVI (intravaginal insemination) home kits on TTC Facebook groups I was part of. twoplus Fertility was one of the first websites I came across when researching it.

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself and your partner! How long have you tried to conceive before using twoplus?

A: Myself and my partner had been trying to conceive for approximately a year and a half. [We] were about to start IVF* in the coming months before we thought we would give twoplus a go! 

Q: We’ve seen from your review that you’ve gotten pregnant within the first month of using the Applicator — congratulations! What are your thoughts on that? 

A: What can I say? I'm thrilled I came across twoplus Fertility!

I would suggest it to any couple who are struggling to conceive as it is absolutely worth the chance. Whatever we were doing wrong, twoplus is doing right!

Q: Thank you for your vote of confidence in us! We also heard that you were trying for a baby for 1.5 years before getting pregnant with twoplus. In that time, what have you tried in your TTC journey before using the Applicator Only?

A:  I spent months tracking my cycles, changing diets, and vitamins. I also stopped tracking my cycle at a point as people always tell you to "Just relax," which of course doesn't work.

Q: Were you diagnosed with any medical conditions related to fertility by a licensed healthcare professional, and what tests did you do?

A: Myself and my partner had all fertility tests carried out 2 months before I discovered twoplus.

Neither of us were diagnosed with any fertility conditions — we were told everything was fine, and for some reason, it just wasn't happening. That was the point [when] we decided maybe IVF is our route.

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Q: What led you to try the Applicator Only? How did you feel about it?

A: It was seeing the success stories on the twoplus Fertility website, as well as reading the reviews, and I thought, “Why not?”

Q: Is this your first successful pregnancy? Would you use the Applicator again for future pregnancies? 

A: I 100% will use the Applicator again for future pregnancies. Even if it is not successful [the] first time again, [at least] I know that the product does work!

Q: What did you like/dislike about the Applicator Only? What made you decide to get the 3-pack? 

A: The kit was super easy to understand and use. It was also very comfortable, which was important as that makes it easier to continue use if that was needed.

I went with the 3-pack as I wanted to give it a good chance, but I ended up using only one Applicator. I would suggest people just take their time to read the instructions carefully, as I went back a couple of times to make sure I understood [them] correctly.

Q: Did you adopt any lifestyle changes to improve your odds of conceiving?

A: I made no changes during the month I used the Applicator, just lived [my] daily life as [per] normal. Prior to that, I had changed my diet a few times.

Q: Would you recommend the Applicator Only to other people who may have difficulties with natural conception? 

A: Absolutely! There's nothing to lose by at least trying it.

Q: If you could go back to the beginning of your TTC journey, is there anything you would have done differently? Also, do you have any suggestions or words of encouragement for other couples who are TTC?

A: I would maybe try not to put as much pressure on myself.

I know it's very hard not to when TTC, as it is all you can think about. I would advise any couples starting their TTC journey to have their fertility testing done as a starting point. That way you know where you can go from there.

If myself and my partner had done ours at the beginning, I think I would have had a clearer vision of the future rather than going [from] month to month wondering, which can play on your mental health.

Also, be open to alternative methods [and] listen to other people's success stories, as what worked for them may work for you.

Let At-Home Insemination Kits Be Your First Option When TTC

twoplus Fertility Applicator Extra 1 pack

Not everyone has the budget for IVF when trying to get pregnant.

That’s why Elizabeth advocated to try more affordable options like at-home insemination kits first. Oh, and getting a few Applicators in one go helps cover your base when actively trying during your fertile window

Of course, it’s important for both parties to test their fertility levels before considering home and artificial insemination. If you find yourself in a similar situation as Elizabeth and her partner, perhaps it’s time to add the Applicator Only to your shopping cart! 

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