twoplus Fertility Sperm Count Test Kit (Sperm OK by Artron)

At-Home Sperm Test: Accuracy, Types And More

At-home sperm test kits let you find out if your sperm is fit and healthy from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Here are 5 popular sperm tests, ranging from the simple to the sophisticated. 

At-home sperm tests are commonly used to gather vital information about sperm health, which is a critical factor in male infertility [1]. Such test kits can be used to check for a range of factors, such as sperm count, ability of the sperm to swim, and the shape and structure of sperm — all from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

At-home sperm test kits vary in capability, ranging from simple PASS/FAIL tests to more sophisticated assessments. Some kits require sending your sample to a lab, whereas others do not.

In this article, we will take a look at the sperm count test kit that you can administer yourself, how accurate they are, and what types are available.


How does an at-home sperm test work?

Self-administered sperm tests are relatively straightforward and easy. The process usually involves first collecting a sperm sample, then testing it using the included testing device. 

There may be additional steps required to properly prepare the sample for testing, although this varies according to different test kits. To help ensure accurate results, at-home sperm tests come with detailed instructions and these should be adhered to as closely as possible. 

Sperm tests for home use can produce results that range from rudimentary to highly detailed, and are designed to suit a wide variety of needs. It is recommended to choose a test according to what factor you wish to test for, and what level of detail you require. 

Some tests include laboratory analysis, where the sample is collected at home, then shipped off to a certified testing facility. As laboratory sperm testing standards are well-established, these types of tests can produce the same level of detail as a sperm test ordered by your fertility specialist [2]. 


Popular at-home sperm test kits

Sperm test

Price and availability 

twoplus Fertility Sperm Count Test Kit (Sperm OK by Artron)

Singapore: S$49.50

SwimCount at-Home Sperm Quality Check

Worldwide: S$49.14

Yo Male Fertility Sperm Test

Worldwide: US$79.95, 2 tests included 

(approximately S$110*)

Ro Sperm Kit

US: US$199

(approximately S$273*)

Legacy For Today

US: US$295

(approximately S$405*)

*Based on an exchange rate of US$1 = SG$1.37


twoplus Fertility Sperm Count Test Kit (Sperm OK by Artron) [3] 

Price: S$49.50

Mail-in required?: No

What this kit checks for: Sperm count

The twoplus Fertility Sperm Count Test Kit (Sperm OK by Artron) offers a convenient and speedy way to ascertain if your sperm count is at healthy levels. 

This rapid-test kit works by detecting the concentration of sperm in your ejaculate, and presents the result in an easy-to-read format. A test line appears if sperm concentration is normal; otherwise, it does not. This binary format helps to weed out ambiguity.

The test kit uses 15 million sperm per ml as a benchmark, which is widely accepted as the cut-off point for low sperm count. Hence, if your test fails to produce a positive result, you should consult a doctor about possible low sperm count. 

The Arton Sperm OK Self-test Kit has an accuracy rate of around 95%, and delivers results in 5 minutes or less. 

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SwimCount at-Home Sperm Quality Check [4] 

Price: S$49.14

Mail-in required?: No

What this kit checks for: Sperm motility

SwimCount’s at-Home Sperm Quality Check is the only self-administered test kit that checks for sperm motility. That is to say, the ability of sperm to move forward, which is crucial in moving through the cervical passage and fertilising the egg.

The test works by compiling a count of sperm that mimic the same natural path it would take to fertilise an egg. Within 30 minutes, a colour-coded result window lets you know if your sperm motility is above or below the threshold for normal sperm. 

This unique at-home sperm test is approved by the US FDA and has a 91% accuracy rate. It is available for order on Amazon.


Yo Male Fertility Sperm Test [5] 

Price: US$79.95, 2 tests included (approximately S$110*)

Mail-in required?: No

What this kit checks for: Sperm motility, concentration and quality 

At-home sperm tests don’t come any more advanced than this.

The Yo Male Fertility Sperm Test centres around a Wi-Fi-enabled device that connects with your mobile phone to display your results and a video of your sperm that you can share with your healthcare provider for follow-up consultations. 

Essentially, this test kit is a miniature microscope that automatically analyses and records sperm samples, storing the results privately on your phone. You can view results for sperm concentration and sperm motility, as well as tailored recommendations and advice on the app. 

This test kit ships worldwide, and is available in bundles of 2, 4 and 6. 


Ro Sperm Kit [6]

Price: US$199 (approximately S$273*)

Mail-in required?: Yes

What this kit checks for: Sperm count, concentration and motility

The Ro Sperm Kit offers laboratory analysis of your sperm samples that encompasses sperm count, concentration and motility — 3 important male fertility factors. 

Beyond simply checking sperm health, ordering this test also comes with complimentary sperm storage at a certified facility for up to a year. Viable sperm from the sample you send in will be split up into 3 vials for storage, providing up to 3 opportunities to fertilise an egg per test ordered. 

The Ro Sperm Kit also comes with a tamper-proof, insulated box to protect your sample during overnight delivery, included in your order. Your personalised report will be sent to you via email within 48 hours. 


Legacy For Today [7]

Price: US$295 (approximately S$405*)

Mail-in required?: Yes

What this kit checks for: Volume, concentration, count, motility and morphology 

The For Today test kit by Legacy is designed for men who prefer the privacy of an at-home sperm test, but want the detail of a full-spectrum semen analysis.

This kit includes all you need to collect and prepare your sample at a time of your choosing, along with detailed instructions for the most accurate results. The provided stabiliser helps ensure the integrity of your sample during transit. 

Within 48 hours of mailing in your sample, you will receive a report detailing semen volume, sperm concentration, count, motility and morphology for an all-round view of your fertility status.

Your test kit also comes with a complimentary telephone consultation with a fertility expert to discuss your results and receive guidance on next steps. As the testing is performed in a certified lab, there should be no issues with the accuracy of your results, provided all instructions have been properly followed. 



At-home sperm tests are an affordable and convenient way to get an insight into your sperm health without having to set up a doctor’s appointment. Additionally, being able to provide your sperm sample at home may be preferable. 

There are various types of sperm test kits that offer varying levels of detail, and it may not always be necessary to go for a full-fledged test. You can start with a simple test to check for, say, oligospermia, and take further steps as you gain more insight into your sperm health. 

Just remember that at-home sperm tests are not 100% definitive; they can be useful in providing some clues, but they are best used in consultation with your fertility specialist [8].

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